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Industrial Complex

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Iran Dineh Industries Complex was established in 1980 by Zande Yad, Engineer “Mohammad Karim Ebrahimi Qajar” and now with the cooperation of a group of specialized forces and using science and technology is one of the largest and most experienced manufacturers of herbal medicines and medicinal plants. The country is active.

The complex has preparation and production departments, research and development unit, sales and marketing unit, internal and external purchasing and procurement unit, questions answering unit for doctors, pharmacists, consumers and researchers, central quality control laboratories, quality control and control unit During production in the relevant factories and laboratories, the cultivation of medicinal plants, graphic unit, pilot, administrative and financial affairs, quality assurance unit and ISO and..



Dineh Iran factory is built on a land with an area of ​​20,000 square meters and in accordance with GMP principles, is equipped with a variety of modern devices and consists of the following units:

– Plant raw material preparation and cleaning unit
– Plant drying unit
– Essential oil extraction unit
– Extraction unit
– Powder unit
– Granulation unit
– Semi-solid production unit (ointment, cream, gel)
– Pill unit
– Liquid production unit with automatic filling lines
– Chemical supplements manufacturing unit
– Food unit
– Packaging unit
– Quality control unit and related laboratories
– Warehouses

Research and Development Unit

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Dineh Iran in 1378 with the cooperation of university professors and specialists in pharmacognosy, formulation, chemistry of natural materials, organic, instrumental analysis and… by establishing a research and development center in Tehran, responded to the growing need of society to use higher quality herbal medicines. This research unit includes different sections such as: think tank, laboratory, pilot, question answering section and packaging graphics section, and for conducting research activities and detailed quantitative and qualitative studies to devices such as GC, HPLC, UV spectrophotometer, refractometer, polarimeter , Viscometer and many other instruments and tools are equipped.

The research and development unit has a special section for semi-industrial formulation and manufacturing (pilot) and in addition to conducting studies and research for the formulation of effective drugs, is also responsible for closely monitoring the quality control laboratory of the factory located in the suburbs of Qazvin and test methods It oversees the laboratory according to the latest editing standards of internationally accredited pharmacopoeias for day-to-day and in-production controls. This unit also works in the field of clinical trials with medical centers affiliated with universities and cooperates in student dissertations in terms of preparation of herbal raw materials and analysis of effective materials. Will be evaluated.
Central and factory quality control units: To ensure the quality of purchase, plant raw materials, chemicals and expanses, the equipped central quality control laboratory based in Tehran before and after the purchase, the samples are carefully tested to comply with pharmacopoeias and purchase compliance. The final should be measured with a prototype. Factory quality control laboratories are responsible for in-production tests, periodic tests, microbial tests and sending final samples to the central laboratory (Tehran).

Question Answering Unit


Dineh Iran based on ISO 9001: 2008 criteria in defining its policy headline as promoting customer satisfaction, in addition to always prioritizing the quality and therapeutic effect of products on the quantity and number of products, also by launching a specialized department to answer scientific questions And medicine, by phone or email, guides consumers, esteemed patients. Accountability unit is one of the subsets of research and development unit.

Sales and marketing unit

The marketing unit, with its trained scientific visitors, is responsible for informing respected physicians and pharmacists, and based on this scientific information, the drug request is referred to the sales unit by the pharmacy. These specialists regularly attend retraining classes organized by the Research and Development Unit. In order to plan to increase patient satisfaction, the marketing unit measures and analyzes consumer satisfaction annually and provides feedback to the research and development unit. The marketing unit has an independent graphics department that is active in designing various types of leaflets and advertising boards.

Cultivation of medicinal and industrial plants

Cultivation unit

From the very beginning of its activity, Dineh Iran, according to its quality-oriented attitude, established the Iranian Medicinal and Industrial Plant Cultivation Company with a 25-hectare plot of land as one of its subsidiaries to cultivate medicinal plants in accordance with world health standards in private farms. Part of the production needs of the factory to be met.