Dinehiran Pharmaceutical Company

About Dineh Iran

About Dineh Iran

Dineh Iran Industries Complex was established in 1980 by late engineer Mohammad Karim Ebrahimi Ghajar, the founder and is currently working as one of the largest and most experienced producers of herbal medicines and medicinal herbs in the country. 

This complex works with a set of specialist, utilizes up- to- date technology and science, and has obtained ISO9001:2008 license. Dineh Iran is especially dedicated to producing medicines with unique formulas in such a manner that “Dineh calendula ointment”, which has been produced for 25 years and has kept the customers satisfied, was selected as the superior product of 2011 and many other products of Dineh Iran such as C-lax tablet is very popular with the consumers. 

The registered office of this factory which is located in Tehran has different sections:

management, financial and administrative unit, research and development unit, sales and marketing unit, domestic and foreign procurement unit, the unit responsible for answering the questions of the physicians, the pharmacists, the consumers, and the researchers, the central quality control laboratories, the quality control unit and the control unit of the factory and the relevant laboratories during production, cultivation of medicinal herbs, graphics unit, pilot, quality assurance unit and ISO, and etc.

The factory:

Dineh Iran factory has been constructed in a 20000- square- meter land in accordance with the GMP principles with regard to observing the principles of preserving the environment and not harming it. This factory was proud to obtain the title of “Green Industry”.

This factory is equipped with different types of modern machineries and it includes the following units:

-Preparing and cleaning the herbal raw material unit

-The unit for drying the herbs

-The  extraction unit

-The volatile oil production unit

-The powder production unit

-The granule production unit

-The semi- solids (ointment, cream, gel) production unit

-The tablet manufacturing unit

-The liquids production unit with automatic liquid filling line

-Supplement  production unit

-Food unit

-Packaging unit

-Quality control unit and the relevant laboratories

-Research and Development unit

Dineh Iran has met the ever- growing need of the society for high- quality herbal medicines from 1999 through cooperating with university professors in pharmacognosy, chemistry of natural and organic substances, and etc.

specialists and device analysts and through establishing a research and development center in Tehran.

This research center includes sections such as: chemistry laboratory and sensitive equipment, the section for answering questions, and  graphics section. It is also equipped with machines such as HPLC, GC, UV spectrophotometer, refractometer, polarimeter, viscometer, and many other measurement tools and instruments for conducting researchs and carrying out precise qualitative and quantitative examinations

The Research and Development unit has  formulation and semi- industrial production (pilot) special section as well and in addition to conducting studies and researchs on medicine formulations, it supervises the quality control laboratory of the factory in Qazvin and it carefully monitors the testing methods of that laboratory based on the latest valid edition of the international pharmacopeia in order to control it daily while production.

This unit also works on clinical tests with health centers affiliated with universities, cooperates with students in their theses, and supplies herbal raw materials and analyzes the effective substances needed in the theses or it works with other pharmaceutical companies and has a significant role in solving the problems of its respective profession as one of the most active members of the national medicinal- herbs- laboratories network in the field of presenting specialized laboratory services. All the educative texts, brochures, reportage notices, commercial text, and package designing are suggested and assessed in the Research and Development unit.

The factory and central quality control units:

the well- equipped laboratory of the central quality control, located in Tehran, tests the samples carefully in order to make sure of the quality of the purchased herbal raw materials, chemical substances, and excipients and to make sure that they match the pharmacopeia standards and to test whether the initial samples are the same as the final purchases. The quality control laboratories of the factory are responsible for testing while production, carrying out periodic tests, microbial tests, and sending the final samples to the central laboratory (Tehran).

The unit responsible for answering questions: in addition to always putting the quality and the healing properties of its products before quantity and the number of its products based on ISO 9001: 2008 and defining the motto of its strategy as “improving customer satisfaction”, Dineh Iran has set up a specialized section for answering scientific and medical- related questions through telephone or email and guide the respectable patients and consumers.

The answering unit is one of the subsections of Research and Development unit. Sales and marketing unit: The marketing unit has educated Medical Representatives and is responsible for informing the  pharmacists and physicians. Based on this same scientific information, the drug request will be referred to the sales unit through the drugstore.

These specialists regularly participate in the retraining classes which are held by the Research and Development unit. The marketing unit assesses and analyzes the satisfaction level of the consumers every year in order to make plans for improving customer satisfaction and it presents the criticisms and suggestions to the Research and Development unit.

The marketing unit has a separate graphics section which works on designing different commercial boards and sheets.

Cultivating medicinal plants with regard to its quality- oriented view, Dineh Iran established Iran’s Medicinal Plants Cultivation Company from the time it began its work, as one of its affiliated companies with a set of lands with a total area equal to 25 hectares so that it could supply a part of the factory’s raw materials by cultivating medicinal plants in specialized fields in accordance to the international healthcare standards. Resting its hops in God almighty and relying on its 35- year- long experience and entrepreneurship in the field of producing medicinal herbs, Dineh Iran has recently developed the scope of its activities in the field of chemical and herbal s.supplements and has succeeded in obtaining a number of supplements license

It is worth mentioning that all  Dineh  Iran products will be distributed by Dineh Medicine Distribution Co. which established in 2017. We hope that we will satisfy our customers more than ever before.

Dineh Medicine Distribution Co. has 11 branches over the country in provinces: West azerbaijan, East azerbaijan, Hamadan, Lorestan, Kurdistan & Kermanshah, Mazandaran, Gilan, Chaharmahal and bakhtiari, Alborz, Ilam, Semnan. Also Dineh Iran has been succeeded to establish Dineh Pharmaceutical Research Co. (KAD) in 2017 to achieve a new generation of herbal products & supplements.