Dinehiran Pharmaceutical Company

Pharmacies of Tehran Region 9

Customer Name Name of sales center Geographical address area Address Phone Address
Dr. Shahrooz Saremi Pharmacy Tehran Area 9 20 meters from the sword in front of the park 65810852
Mehrizad Pharmacy – Babak Mehrizad Tehran Area 9 21 meters from the veterinary intersection next to the mosque 66003966
Yadegar Central Pharmacy – Abolfazl Shokr Tehran Area 9 Thirty meters from Fallah Brothers 66985222
Naderi Pharmacy District – Yadaleh Naderi Abadi Tehran Area 9 Moin Ostad Boulevard – in front of the company to broadcast – corner of Ferdows Alley No. 110 66087313-66002812
Dr. Ahoo Ismaili Pharmacy Tehran Area 9 South Mehrabad, Fatah Highway, Vashghani Farahani Street 65860301
Davood Beigi Pharmacy Tehran Area 9 Qazvin St. Hosseini St. No. 120 021123456
Sonia Mirfakhraei Pharmacy Tehran Area 9 Yadegar Imam Street, 30 meters from G Street, No. 358 6615157