Chicoridin Herbal Tablet

Tonic , Orexigenic

Dosage form and packaging:

Each box contains 50 coated tablets.

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As supplementary herbal appetizer and tonic, the medicine is used for treatment of the following cases:

Treatment of anorexia and general feeling of weakness, partial supplier of body’s required minerals and vitamins during patients’ recovery period and the elderly nourishment, treatment of digestive, liver, and pancreas disorders


Taking into account properties of its effective matters, the ingredients of Chicoridin tablet are appetizing supplement, enhance choleretic secretions and its disposal (cholagogue), strengthen and restore nutritional deficiencies and supply the needed minerals of body. The respective matters improve metabolism of sugary substances in the body and increase the appetite by reducing the blood sugar content.


Chicoridin tablet is an herbal product prepared from  cichorium intybus root extract , trigonella foenum graceum seed, and  foeniculum vulgare essential oil. It has been standardized as  4 mg of total polyphenols based on pyrogallol per tablet. Cichorium intybus root  extract contains adequate amounts of sugary substances, inulin, lactucin, lactopicrin, and minerals (calcium, potassium, phosphate, sodium, magnesium, manganese, and copper), group B vitamins, vitamin C, vitamin K. Also, trigonella foenum graceum seed contains sugars like stachyose, galactomannans, saponins like diosgenin, lipids, protides and nucleoprotides, phosphorous compounds such as lecithin, phytin, and nitrogenous compounds like choline and trigonelline; the latter substance can produce pp vitamin (nicotine amid). Essential oil of foeniculum vulgare also has at least 60% of anethol and also anisaldehyde, dipentene, fenchone, phellandrene, and pinene.


3 times per day; each time one or two tablets; half an hour before meals (for 4 – 8 weeks, then gradually decrease the intake up to complete termination, and after several months, reuse the tablets as before if needed.


Use with caution together with the medicines that lower blood sugar due to their synergic effects.


Allergic reactions to the herbs used in this medicine have been rarely reported.


 children are not advised to take this medicine.


It is contraindicated.


The medicine shall be kept out of reach of children

For children over 3 years old, Dineh General Tonic powder can be used instead of Chicoridin tablet.


Store below 30˚C and protect from light and moisture.




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