Laxaricin Herbal syrup


Dosage form and packaging:

Each glass contains 40 grams of castor oil ready for emulsion preparation.

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Purgative (preparation before surgery and/or digestive system examinations, colonoscopy, or radiology)

Laxative (at low doses)


Ricinus Communis oil releases tetramethrin acid after mixing with bile and pancreas enzymes. The respective acid form soap compounds with sodium and potassium in small intestine tract and facilitates liquid flow via small intestine to colon and influences colon mucus and results in control of water flow and electrolytes into jejenum and ileum tracts, similar to diarrhea diseases. Electrolytes transfer water into the tracts by means of osmotic pressure and causes loosening of tract contents. This effect is accompanied with stimulating impacts of tetramethrin acid and leads to increase in peristalic movements in small intestine and reduction in chances for absorption of intestine contents.

Laxaricin Dineh was prepared owing to unpleasant flavor and patient intolerance and the necessity to take Ricinus Communis oil for purgative effect and urination rate and full intestine discharge for perforiming radiography and colonoscopy. Laxaricin intake for discharge of intestines is much easier than swallowing 40 one-gram capsules and/or other medicines with similar effects but requiring drinking of large amount of water (8 glasses). Laxaricin contains Ricinus Communis oil with flavored and odorous compounds and ready for preparation of emulsion. Besides having all benefits of Ricinus Communis oil, it is free from unpleasant problems and intolerance, and additionally, can be used easily by the patient.


Flavored and odorous Ricinus Communis oil together with emulsifiers

  • As purgative

–  The night before surgery or colonoscopy and radiology, the medicine shall be taken during early dinner and as dilute liquids.

–  2 – 3 hours after eating dinner, one to two glasses of Laxaricin shall be filled with boiling water and shaken and the resulting flavored and odorous milky emulsion shall be fully drunk. (in children aging over 2 years, equivalent of 5-10 ml of emulsion shall be taken under doctor’s supervision).

–  Subsequently, 1-2 glasses of warm water shall be drunk.

  • As laxative

In case of using laxaricin emulsion as laxative (to treat constipation), 5 to 10 milliliters shall be taken per week. The rest must be kept in the fridge and shall be shaken after reaching to ambient temperature and before intake.




No adverse effects have been observed with consumption of recommended dosage but might lead to nausea, vomit, and colic in sensitive persons.


The drug shall not be used for intestinal obstruction, chronic intestine inflammatory diseases, appendicitis, and pains with unknown origin and people allergic to Ricinus Communis oil.


It is contraindicated.


The drug shall be used carefully during menstruation period.


Store below 30°C and protect from light and moisture.




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