Plantagel Herbal Granule

Diarrhea treatment

Dosage form and packaging:

Each Pack contains10 sachets of 5g granule.


Helping treatment in acute and chronic diarrhea in children and adults (along with needed measures)

Reduce symptoms in patients suffering from diarrhea-predominant IBS


This medicine has softening, anti-inflammatory, anti-spasm, toxicity absorption, and disinfectant properties thanks to mucilage and resin as effective matters. It regulates and normalizes peristalistic movement of intestine which is increased due to diarrhea diseases and protects intestinal epithelial cells by bandaging intestine mucus and healing the ulcers.

In the clinical study carried out in Rasoul Akram Hospital on the patients suffering from diarrhea-predominant IBS, it was observed that intake of 3 sachets of Plantagel drug per day leaves considerable effect on reduction of the respective disease (stomachache, nausea, tympanites, and urgent urination feeling) and the IBS patients can take this drug intermittently because its effect remain up to 2 weeks after medication termination.


Plantagel Granule is made of seed and leaves of plantago major herb, leaves of menthe piperita herb and tragacanth. Plantago major contains mucilage and aucubin, and, and mentha piperita essence contains fixed oils, sugars, sterols and proteins. The respective herbs are exclusively planted and grown in Iran’s Dineh farms.


– Children aging below 12 years shall take ¼ to ½ of sachet stirred and completely dissolved in a cup of boiling water for maximum 4 times per day.

– Adults can have 1 sachet stirred and completely dissolved in boiling water for 4 times per day.

This product must be taken with sufficient amount of liquid in order to prevent from its concentration in digestive system.


Plantagel Granule shall not be taken together with anti-diarrhea drugs such as diphenoxylat and diphenoxin as well as the products containing opium compounds due to the likelihood of intestine congestion.

The product shall be taken with an interval of 2 hours with respect to other medicines


Continual and prolonged use of this drug might cause constipation.


The product is forbidden to be used by the patients suffering from biliary tract congestion, narrow digestive tracts, and intestinal obstruction likelihood.

Intake during pregnancy and lactation:

no restriction


 No restriction.


Numerous specialties of Plantago major are prepared and consumed in Europe and the entire globe in the form of powder and granule. The instances are products Mukofalk pulver and Agiocur granulat made in Germany.


Store below 30˚C and protect from light and moisture .




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