Tranquival Herbal tablet

Sleep disorders , Anxiety

Dosage form and packaging:

Each box of Tranquival contains 30 coated tablets.


Nervous sleeping disorders and insomnia

Nervous spasms

Nervous asthma

Nervous tachycardia


Sleeping disorder, affecting about one-third of the adult population worldwide, is characterized as the inability to get the desired quality of sleep. The herbs in this product have been proven to shorten the time it takes to fall asleep, reduce the amount of awaking time after sleep onset, increase the length of deep sleep and improve sleep quality. This natural product has the added advantage over conventional sleeping drugs of no drowsiness or hangover type feelings the next day. It will also not interfere with driving abilities or work capacity.


Each coated tablet contains:

valeriana officinalis root extract 150 mg

Passiflora incarnata aerial part extract 100 mg

Melissa officinalis leaf 50 mg

Hummulus lupulus female inflorescence 50 mg


For sleep onset and sleep maintenance insomnia: take 1 to 2 tablets about an hour before bedtime.

For other disorders: take 1 tablet up to 3 times daily.


The sedative action may potentiate the effect of existing sedative therapy; therefore concomitant administration with other CNS depressants should be avoided.


It is not recommended in patients who are sensitive to any of the component in this product. There is no reported side effect, although possible adverse effects include gastrointestinal disorders and headache.


It is not recommended in patients suffering from depressive illness.


It is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation.


Store below 30˚C and protect from moisture and light.




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