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Rheumatoid arthritis is an autoimmune disease, in which the immune system attacks certain parts of the body. Arthritis is a disease that causes inflammation and pain in the joints. This disorder causes various joint and inflammatory diseases in the body. Arthritis is actually inflammation of the joints. This complication is often accompanied by pain, swelling, stiffness and heat in the affected joints.

In patients with osteoarthritis or osteoarthritis, the cartilage of the joints is destroyed. This degenerative disease occurs as a result of injury, aging, and prolonged stretching or rupture of cartilage in the joints, causing joint pain and stiffness.

How to treat chronic arthritis:

There are several ways to improve and relieve joint pain. Frequently a physician will recommend several sessions of physical therapy to help a patient with arthritis. The most important goal in the treatment of arthritis is to control pain, reduce joint damage and improve or maintain the patient’s quality of life.

Also, the use of pills and herbal medicines and changes in the lifestyle of patients will improve and prevent the aggravation of joint pain.

Method of diagnosing arthritis:

The specialist examines the joints to see if they are swollen, red, or hot.

The doctor also examines how the patient moves his joints.

The specialist may order special tests to diagnose joint pain

The different treatments for this disease are as follows:

Use of a wide range of chemical drugs

Non-pharmacological treatments such as physiotherapy and occupational therapy

Training and support

Weight Loss

Surgery that involves replacing an injured joint

Use of effective herbal medicines with minimal side effects

Get acquainted with Arthrodine Dine herbal pills:

Arthrodine Herbal Tablet of Iran Dine Industries Complex, which contains 225 mg of condor extract, 60 mg of ginger rhizome extract, 80 mg of turmeric rhizome extract (based on 70.4 mg of curcuminoid) and 91 mg of celery seed extract. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant properties, the pill facilitates joint movement, reduces inflammation and joint pain, and maintains joint health. People who have joint pain and inflammation can use this herbal pill to reduce the pain caused by arthritis and prevent the exacerbation of arthritis.

How Arthrodin Dineh Herbal Pills Work:

This herbal product from Dineh Pharmaceutical Company helps maintain joint health due to its anti-inflammatory properties and the presence of antioxidants. Concentrated frankincense resin extract (Boswellia serrate) contains a good amount of bosolic acid, which due to its anti-inflammatory properties by inhibiting COX-II and cyclooxygenase enzyme helps maintain joint health and maintain cartilage integrity. Frankincense is also effective in reducing joint pain and inflammation and movement disorders caused by osteoarthritis and can maintain the health of joint tissue.

Leukotrienes play an important role in the body’s inflammatory response. So by inhibiting their release, pain and inflammation are relieved. Condor in Arthrodine herbal pills also helps maintain cartilage integrity. The UK Arthritis Research Campaign, based on clinical trials, considers Condor to be effective and safe in reducing arthritis pain and movement disorders.

Celery seed (Apium graveolens) protects the joints and helps remove kidney acid accumulation in connective tissue or fluid stored around the joints.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a very effective anti-inflammatory that protects the joints in Babur by inhibiting the destructive effects of free radicals by inhibiting the biosynthesis of leukotrienes and COX-II enzyme, and neutralizes free radicals with its antioxidant activity.

Ginger (Zingiber officinale) also acts as a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory agent by inhibiting the COX-II enzyme, protecting joints from destruction and abrasion (by inhibiting the release of leukotrienes and prostaglandins).

Uses of Arthrodine Herbal Pills:

Reduce pain caused by arthritis

Prevent inflammation and joint pain

Help improve and cure arthritis

Maintain joint tissue health

Improves the movement of various joints in the body

How to take Arthrodine herbal pills:

Although it is better to take any medicine with the direct prescription and opinion of a doctor, in general, take Arthrodin herbal tablets once or twice a day with food.

Who should not take Arthrodine Herbal Pills:

People who are allergic to these plants.

Patients with gallstones.

People who have increased gastric acid secretion or gastrointestinal ulcers and kidney infections.

Important points about Arthrodine Dine herbal pills:
If you are taking anticoagulants and antiplatelets, low molecular weight heparins and thrombolytic agents, be sure to consult your doctor about drug interactions.
The use of this pill during pregnancy and lactation is prohibited, unless prescribed by a specialist
Some consumers may experience side effects such as abdominal pain and nausea, heartburn, satiety, anorexia and gas accumulation, in which case they should see a doctor.
Keep this medicine out of the reach of children.
Arthrodine herbal tablets should be stored at a temperature below 30 degrees and away from direct light and moisture.

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